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Marquette Park Pavilion
Marquette Park Pavilion was designed by George W. Maher in 1921 in the Prairie School/Italian Renaissance Revival styles. It is the architectural focal point of the park.
Father Marquette Monument
In the 1930s the Gary Park Board commissioned Henry Hering to create a sculpture in honor of the park's namesake, Pere Jacques Marquette.
Picnic Pavilion
The Picnic Pavilion and Grounds are a designated picnic and grilling area which may be rented for outdoor events. The building contains restroom facilities.
Patterson Island, Bridges and Fishing Overlook
Patterson Island, a man-made island, was constructed during the Great Depression and connects the Marquette Park Pavilion to the Picnic Pavilion grounds via two historic bridges.
Marquette Beach
Marquette Beach is the park's designated swimming beach with lifeguards on duty from dawn to dusk, Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Special Events Area
The special events area is the park's main staging area for large festival type gatherings.
Picnic Areas
Three designated picnic areas are located within the Special Events Area with two small covered shelters (07a and 07c) and one large picnic shelter (07b).
Marquette Beach Concession Building
The Marquette Beach Concession building includes a concession vending area, restroom facilities, a drinking fountain and an outdoor dining area.
Marquette Kids' Park
The playground is located within the Special Events Area and contains play structures, swings, spinners, bouncers, rock climbers and a drinking fountain.
Marquette Beach Parking Lots
The Marquette Beach Parking Lot includes the west lot with 324 parking spaces and the east lot with 34 parking spaces. The west lot is regulated at the gatehouse from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Multi-use Area
The large lawn area is used for unprogrammed park activities, overflow parking and temporary outdoor concerts / venues.
Marquette Drive and Oak Avenue
The 1.3 mile park road is a one-way loop with a shared bike lane / walking trail. On street parking is available at designated locations along Marquette Drive and Oak Avenue.
Lake Street Beach
Lake Street Beach offers a quiet beach experience with a connection to the National Lakeshore. The beach includes one lifeguard station and two dog beaches. The beach is not a designated swimming area.
Lake Street Parking Lots and Boat Launch
Lake Street Beach includes an active boat launch for small motorized or non-motorized watercraft. The two lots include 40 boat trailer parking spaces and 110 parking spaces.
The lagoons are the headwaters of the Grand Calumet River. Recreational facilities around the lagoon include fishing overlooks and two launches for non-motorized watercraft, including kayaks and canoes.
Marquette Park's dune landscape is scenic and unique, with dunes up to 75 feet high. The dunes are a globally significant ecosystem and are home to several rare and threatened plant and animal species.
Oak Savanna
Marquette Park is home to approximately 54 acres of oak woodland and dry oak savanna, another globally significant ecosystem within the park. Parks users can enjoy the oak savanna by asphalt and natural area trails.
East Shoreline
The east shoreline beach extends from Montgomery Street along the north perimeter of the residential neighborhoods to County Line Road. The beach is not a designated swimming area and no lifeguards are on duty.
The Gary Bathing Beach Aquatorium, designed by George W. Maher & Son in the neo-classical style, was constructed in 1921 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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